CHENG Chung-chuan

Quiet Times






CHENG Chung-chuan: Quiet Times


Artist | CHENG Chung-chuan

Duration | August 27 – September 24, 2022

Venue | Powen Gallery map


What is the ultimate practice of art?


There is no purpose.


Without any intentional or subconscious external behaviors, such as selling, imitation, showmanship, fame or status (as is so often seen in the art world), the works that arise naturally can give viewers infinite room to be appreciated.


In addition, a viewer must let go of material things in order to be blessed with wisdom and joy that can be derived from a work of exceptional artistic quality, and apply it to his or her life afterwards.


Art is philosophy in action, and the spirit behind it is priceless.


Some people want to get to know Cheng Chung-chuan personally, yet her life experiences, personal thoughts, and concepts about all things are all hidden in her oeuvre. The artworks are created in a completely pure and spiritual state of mind, which is beyond what words and language can express.


Each of her paintings is a new attempt, an artistic expression that has never been done before.


The pace of modern life is so fast that there are more distractions than there used to be. It is difficult to take time to relax and maintain peace of mind.


Why not take a 15-minute break? Silence your cell phone and visit the exhibition, “CHENG Chung-chuan: Quiet Times”. Relax and then immerse yourself in the luminous qualities of the paintings.


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