HUANG Poren: New & Classics






HUANG Poren: New & Classics


Artist | HUANG Poren

Duration | December 17, 2021 – January 16, 2022 (10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays)

Venue | Powen Gallery map


Looking back at HUANG Poren's exhibitions in 2021, as before, his works have been showcased almost all over the world, including Berlin, Oslo, Tokyo, Brussels, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam.


Powen Gallery will be launching “HUANG Poren: New & Classics”, featuring his new work, "Black Buster". At the same time, his other classic creations from different periods in the past will also be showcased, making the show a retrospective exhibition.


"Black Buster" is a 2022 sculpture created in dark-red, and gray-orange versions. The sculpture gives a strong impression of speed and is whimsical, positive, and contemporary. Through the sculpture, HUANG Poren emphasizes the philosophy of handling life with skill and ease. A person must approach the competitive stage with ease and not become tense. The sculpture is made of bronze, which comes in different grades. HUANG Poren insists on using the best materials. As such, his creations are much heavier than other sculptures of the same size.


The Dog's Notes is a spiritual symbol of eternity. HUANG Poren hopes that his works can be preserved for thousands of years and also be environmentally friendly. Therefore, he insists on creating with bronze or stainless steel.


Currently, "Black Buster" is his only new creation in 2022.


Now in his 50s, HUANG Poren’s personal expectation for his creations is increasing, and he puts

quality before quantity.