WU Hsichi Solo Exhibition

New Horizons






New Horizons - WU Hsichi Solo Exhibition


Artist | WU Hsichi

Duration | March 6 – April 4, 2021 (10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays)

Opening | March 6, 2021 Sat. 3:00 p.m.

Venue | Powen Gallery map


A simple life makes the world go round and enables the island of plants to breathe freely.


WU Hsichi’s latest creations are clear in outline and with a light undertone.


Since the age of 5, WU has aspired to become an artist. He experienced the ups and downs of turbulence in life, with depression and departure accompanying him for many years.


Yet, things have changed, and everything was like a mirage. What WU Hsichi has striven nowadays is to insulate himself from external interference at all times, and it echoes with free artistic creation, which is in desperate need.


As a result, many people may find WU Hsichi takes only half a year to present his ever-changing creations on a different level and through different stories. It is just as one’s situation or the changing world that everything can become dramatically different in just a few months.


In this exhibition, the addition of plants to WU’s new works seems to bring the island to life, and everything is at WU Hsichi’s disposal. The lines in his paintings have been simplified, with aquamarine being the key player accompanied by those large, round flower-like buds.


Looking at the modern world today, are we humans being too complex and self-bound, thus leaving ourselves breathless, low ego-strength and resulting in us taking great pains?

External influences are being felt everywhere that the obstacles we leap over today may be even more difficult tomorrow.


When we really let go of the past, we will gradually come to the realization that the warmth of colors can naturally fill the gap in our lives and be able to detach ourselves from what we are holding onto and feel contented.


島嶼新境-7, 綜合媒材、義大利無酸紙, 116.5x76.5cm, 2020.jpg