Heterogeneous Orders


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Heterogeneous Orders


Date | 2018/07/14 – 08/12

Opening | 07/14 (Sat.) PM 3:00

Venue | Powen Gallery MAP


Artists | Chien-yi Wu, Fa-cheng HuangTsu-han Su


Article / Ning Hsiang

In Hiroshi Hara's "100 Enseñanzas", he quotes, "If we define "lack of order" as "chaos", then it is more difficult to present the chaos of things than to establish the order of things."


The development of human society is established by a variety of large and small orders. Whether it is visible urban streetscapes, or invisible social behaviors and educational methods, etc., all have a unified set of standards that are well-organized and standardized. However, the fascination of the world is its variability and unpredictability. The definition of order often regulates the surface of things, but the complex fluctuations under the surface are difficult to grasp. Just like a city, even if it was constructed in accordance with the theoretical means, it is destined to move towards a "heterogeneous" (non-homogeneous) path due to the intervention of human nature from the moment it was shaped and started.


In the artist's creation, the changes of life are like stagnant landscapes. They excavate the chaos in life through subjective ideas, transforming the state of unclear expression. With the reorganization of objective views and memories, the ordinary fields that people take for granted become abstract from time to time, sometimes dreamy, sometimes absurd. After order is stripped away, underneath is the diverse appearance of life, and the strange journey of life.