Solemn Figures - Solo Exhibition of Hsi-chi Wu








Solemn Figures

Solo Exhibition of Hsi-chi Wu


2017.06.10 – 07.09

Opening | 06.10 (sat)  15:00




Immersing himself in the sea breeze and strolling up and down in the world of lines, Hsi-chi Wu continues to get inspired by his everyday surroundings. The natural landscapes, such as vast sky, sea and mountains were disassembled into lines and surfaces by the artist, the harmonious coexistence of these different elements has not obliterated their own characteristics, however, at the same time, the paintings seem to reflect that the stunning sceneries were caged by the technological signal lines created by human beings. Not only does Hsi-chi Wu hope to provide viewers a visual perception, but also a chance to re-examine their own behavior through the contradiction and measurable impact in his paintings. In "The Solemn Figures", Hsi-chi Wu enriches his work by combining figures with the environment, as well as the earth and diverse landscapes, he also depicts the alienation in reality, the intimacy in an ideal world between human beings and mother nature.


Regional differences often inspire a diversity of colors and structures in the creation of artwork. For Hsi-chi Wu, his childhood memories by Jinguashi Coast have deep influences on his style. He knows every stream, land, island and forest before they were harmed by pollution, the relationship between human and nature then was seen as one of reciprocity, which became the ideological sustenance that accompanies him on the journey through childhood and into adulthood. At the same time, it is the purest scenery that he constantly thinks of. After throwing himself into the environment with mountains as his surroundings in Puli for about a decade, Hsi-chi Wu moved to the coast of Yilan last year, in pursuit of impressions of his happy and carefree childhood as well as re-embracing the stunning east coast sea view. In "The Human Ridge", Hsi-chi Wu extremely presents brightness that is far different from the sunshine in the forest. He increases the saturation of colorfulness and these fluorescent colors, which pass from one to the other in the eyes of viewers, conjuring up illusions of people standing under the bright sun. The unique combination of "color" and "light" comes from his keen observation and although those pieces reveal colorful paintings that are beyond reality, they are not merely pretenses.


For Hsi-chi Wu, artistic creation is not only a daily routine, but his entire life. We get to know his unique life philosophy in his paintings. Every paint stroke, no matter hard round or soft round, sticks closely to his inner thoughts. Art is a spiritual path that lead Hsi-chi Wu to discover his true self and a way to show his concern for the whole world.