Travel Without a Clear Purpose

Pei-xin Chuang






Exhibition period:2016-03


 “Travel Without a Clear Purpose” - Pei-xin Chuang

Exhibition Period : 5 Mar 2016-3 Apr 2016

Opening Reception : 5 Mar 2016 (Sat) 17:00-19:00

Hours : 10:00 - 19:00 (Tue-Sun)
Venue : Powen Gallery


I went to Iceland a while ago. There was a huge meteorite crater. I walked into the crater and laid down in the center of this beautiful circle. My heart can feel the heat from the ground. The feeling is like that the meteorite just traveled here and just left. The meteorite certainly is a traveler that happened to traveled to Earth. It temporarily stayed here and then disappeared. The only thing it left is a huge crater for people to miss its beauty.

Traveling with no purpose is dangerous but romantic; to me, it has special power to lead me everywhere unknown. I laid down in the crater for a while imaging how it looks like when the meteorites appeared on the sky. How surprising it could be?

It just reminds me of one of my friends, X. X spent a lot of time to plan a long trip. However, she was failed to get the visa because the authority thought the purpose of traveling is unclear. She was very upset about this, as her dream couldn’t come true anymore.

Do we really need a purpose to travel? Or it could be more inspiring and more exciting if we can travel with no reason?.

The whole universe is just mysterious. There are too many possibilities and too many reasons to structure the world. Therefore, I create a trip without any clear purpose. In this trip, the traveler is just a meteorite. I am more than just excited to wait for the unknown things coming to the meteorite. and it is definitely a romantic trip for me. Of course, life is also an unexpected trip. Everyone is like the meteorite, and we never know what will happen to us next second and that is why I use meteorite as the metaphor of human. Thus, I sincerely invite you to join my imaginary trip, or to join another unexpected trip.