Mystery Islands – 2013 Solo Exhibition of Wan-Ting Su


Venue:A. Heritage Museum

Opening Reception: 2013/07/06 (Sat) 2pm

Li Cheng Hsun's Solo Exhibition

Venue:Moons Art Gallery

Li Cheng Hsun’s Statement

Since 2006, I’ve created series of works to reevaluate the genre of abstract painting and to experiment with “mixing colors via the retina”.  The endeavors resulted in artworks beyond my expectation.  I was deeply mesmerized by the various machine-like symbols formed, which gave me a reason to continue making art.  Subsequently, I began to add geometric shapes to my paintings, because they represented my emotions and also things that I wanted to express.   

Booth:B6 (ART TAIPEI 2012 )

Powen Gallery’s Booth:B6
Time: 2012/11/9-12(Fri-Mon)11:00-19:00
Venue:Taipei World Trade Center (Area B C D)
Participating Artists:Yuan-Sheng Tsai, Wan-Chun Wang, Martino Yu, Yu-Chia Tseng and Abugy

Great Passion Comes with Age, Chung-Chuan Cheng's Art Song After 60 / Viviane Lee

Chung-Chuan Cheng (b. 1931), a female Taiwanese artist, was born in Hsin-Chu City, the so-called “Windy City”. She has had a great passion for art since her teens. After finishing the B.F.A. study at National Taiwan Normal University, she participated in the “Fifth Moon Group” set up with several alumni artists in 1957. However, in the same year, the artist stopped to show her considerate talent as she chose to be married and moved to Japan. While being involved in being a housewife, she read lots of classics and religious books in her free time. Due to an inextinguishable passion for art in mind, the artist was intent on painting again in her sixties. Thus, she has exhibited her works in both Japan and Taiwan in recent decades. The artist enjoys painting and life so much that her sufferings from the minor ailments can be relieved. Last year, the kind-hearted artist donated many works to charity at her hometown. Chung-Chuan Cheng is such a remarkable and honorable artist in Taiwan.