Cheerful Buds in the Early Summer– Wan-Ting Su

Wan-Ting Su, aged 30, a female Taiwanese artist was born in Hsin-chu.  After graduating from the department of Art Education at National Taichung Teachers College, in 2007, she obtained M.F.A degree in Institute of Plastic Art at Tainan National University of Arts.  In 2009, she was accepted by Taiwan’s Artists in Residence (A.I.R) program and produced artworks at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in America.  Her artwork types are as diverse as installation art, video art, sculpture, and painting. 

Between Illusion and Reality– Kishin Shinoyama/ Words by Viviane Lee

Kishin Shinoyama (篠山紀信,1940-), a renowned Japanese photographer, who grew up in Shinjuku of Tokyo, has a great influence on picture-taking techniques.  He had engaged in photography since he was a university student.  The city development and female figure are the two main issues within his works.  His most well-known photo album is “Santa Fe: Rie Miyazawa”.  This remarkable model, only 18, was a popular female idol, and she was a rare-seen Japanese star willing to be naked for the photography art.  This striking album was astonishing and impressive to both the Asian and the West photo lovers in the 90s. 

Happiness. Rhythm of Flora.- Solo Exhibition of Martino Yu

December 27, 2011 (Tue ) 19:00

Dates: 2011.12.27-2012.01.15

Location: Taipei, Taichung red wild Gallery & NYCC New York cultural and creative affairs two synchronized display.

Opening: “Donde más profunda de las flores se han escondido tantos…..secretos” – Solo Exhibition of Yuan-Sheng Tsai

Opening: 2011/8/6 (Sat.) 2-5pm
Venue: Powen Gallery