【Artist News】Imagine under the stars

Pei-xin Chuang
2016.08.04 - 09.18
The Pier-2 Art Center (Kaohsiung)


A Stroll in Fantasy – Solo Exhibition of Chung-Chuan Cheng


Date: 2016/9/3 - 10/2 

Opening: 2016/9/3, 15:00-17:00 (Moon Art Gallery)

Venue: Powen Gallery, Moon Art Gallery


【藝術家消息】黃柏仁在 Art Copenhagen


黃柏仁"狗札記"從8/26到8/28都在丹麥的哥本哈根藝博會 Art Copenhagen 中展出!Art Copenhagen是該地區最悠久的藝術博覽會,展覽期間將吸引來自世界各國的藝術家以及收藏家參與,而黃柏仁也有多件作品能在展覽中看到!


Exhibit Duration: Aug 26 - Aug 28, 2016
Venue: Center Boulevard 5, 2300 Copenhagen S

"2016 Made In Taiwan" artists selection- Chien-yi Wu

The MIT(Made in Taiwan) section organized by the Ministry of Culture will showcase Taiwanese artists on Art Taipei 2016. Eight talented artists received a spot this year after a fierce open call and Chien-yi Wu is one them.

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Lost in Dreamland: The poem of grilles on Sec. 4, Bade Road – Chien-yi Wu


Exhibit Duration: 18th June – 17th July, 2016

Opening Reception: 18th June (Sat) PM2-4

Artist Talk: 9th July (Sat) PM2-3