Li Cheng Hsun’s Statement

Since 2006, I’ve created series of works to reevaluate the genre of abstract painting and to experiment with “mixing colors via the retina”.  The endeavors resulted in artworks beyond my expectation.  I was deeply mesmerized by the various machine-like symbols formed, which gave me a reason to continue making art.  Subsequently, I began to add geometric shapes to my paintings, because they represented my emotions and also things that I wanted to express.   

It is quite ironic to use such a rational approach to express emotional sentiments; however, this aspect is also what enthralls me, because it involves and brings together many dynamic occurrences and objects.  I have discovered that regardless of what the subject may be, even if it were something quite ordinary; with meticulous observation and unremitting contemplation so to achieve a thorough comprehension, by going through this process, we are certainly able to transform ourselves as well.