Record of Artist Talk

"Deep Breathing Field"
Liú Yung-jen & Jean-Yves Liao



"When Liú Yung-jen holds a painting tool, he becomes a cosmic cultivator of the canvas or substrate media. He sees the universe on this plane, and sets up landmarks for the breathing activities of the universe, thus creating a painting. For Liú Yung-jen, being able to inhale and exhale conceives meaning; and being able to generate meaning is creation. In other words, one must be able to breathe in order to paint; and being able to paint confers the universe a greater spiritual dimension. Breathe, and transform the universe from material to spiritual."


----by Jean-Yves Liao (Art Critic)



Artist Liú Yung-jen (right), Art Critic Jean-Yves Liao (left)







Liú Yung-jen Solo Exhibition→ Deep Breathing Field

Date | 2018/04/21 – 05/20
Venue | Powen Gallery
Multimedia |