Opening Reception

Liú Yung-jen Solo Exhibition: Deep Breathing Field


Opening Reception | Apr 21, 2018 (Sat.)  PM3:30

Artist Talk | May 05, 2018 (Sat.)  PM3:00, talk with Jeanv-Yves Liao

Exhibition Date | 2018/04/21 – 05/20


"Liú Yung-jen Solo Exhibition - Deep Breathing Field" opens on Saturday, April 21 at Powen Gallery. Viewers are invited to feel the expansion of arcs and contraction of straight lines in this lyrical space between inhaling and exhaling, and via their sympathetic response with Liú's paintings, regulated breathing and stress relief are achieved. This healing effect hastens viewers to enter a pure and simple state of mind and is the state that Liu seeks with his paintings.



Breathing Field 12 / Oil, beeswax, canvas / 80x65cm / 2018



Breathing Field 8 / Oil, beeswax, canvas / 200x140cm / 2018