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Peter Opheim / Second highest bid in benefit auction of Christie's London


Gracious Heart Charity Foundation is an organization who have been helping children with Cerebral Palsy, in cooperation with Christie’s, on March 21 in Christie’s auction house unique paintings created by contemporary artist together with the children with Cerebral Palsy were sold during the auction. Hosted by the well-known auctioneer and art dealer, Simon de Pury, the auction along with donations made over $450,000.00 in total.

The second most expensive piece was by Peter Opheim, who is right now having his solo exhibition at Powen Gallery, the work by him and Callum went for over $32,400.00.

For Opheim, the interaction between him and Callum results in the most innocent and precious work. Not only is the main goal of the project to engage the children in arts in order to express themselves, but also to get people's attention to those who have fewer possibilities in life, which is very important.



Peter Opheim, auctioneer- Simon de Pury, organiser and artists.
2018 © Gate Magazine London



Peter Opheim spent a great artistic day with special needs children.
2018 © Peter Opheim



Together they made a small sculpture of a colorful rabbit.
2018 © Peter Opheim



Peter Opheim's artwork with a boy named Callum with Cerebral Palsy.
Oil on canvas / 81.3 × 81.3 cm / 2018
2018 © Peter Opheim





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