【Opening Reception | Artist will attend】

Peter Opheim - Fables of the One Hundred Mountains


Opening Reception | 2018.03.10 (Sat.)  PM3:30

Exhibition Period | 2018.03.10 - 04.08

Venue | Powen Gallery (map


We are pleased to announce that we will be presenting the first-ever exhibition in Taiwan of groundbreaking American artist Peter Opheim (b.1961-).

“Peter Opheim: Fables of the One Hundred Mountains” will debut at Powen Gallery on March 10 (Sat), and continue there until April 8(Sun). The artist will fly from New York to Taiwan for the opening as well, take the chance to see him while he's here in the gallery!



Diamonds (partial artwork) / oil on canvas, clay, wood / 152.4×152.4cm / 2018