Artist News | The Dog's Notes – Poren Huang | SHINKONG MITSUKOSHI

Exhibition | The Dog's Notes – Poren Huang
Venue | SHINKONG MITSUKOSHI – Taipei Xinyi Place, Taichung Zhonggang, Tainan Place
Date | 2018/01/05 – 03/02




"Taiwan Dog" has been an important creation concept for Poren Huang since year 2005, eventually completing "The Dog's Notes" to 60 main pieces. Powen Gallery and SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI collaborates to showcase 21 important pieces, which will be on view in Taipei, Taichung and Tainan SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI. Viewers are encouraged to go for adventure trips, and use "heart" to enjoy them instead of their humorous appearance!

"The Dog's Notes" is all about life philosophy, allowing us to reflect ourselves, also maintaining positive attitude in life.