Opening Reception & Artists Tour


DATE | 04/08 (sat) 15:30

VENUE | Powen Gallery





Group Exhibition

2017/04/08 – 05/07


Artists | Hoho Lin, Ying-ting Chen, Jiuann-ru Gong

Curator | Ning Hsiang



When speaking of uselessness, it will usually allow Chuang Zhou's idea "the use of uselessness" come to one's mind. This idea brings to thought that something useless might still be useful, and any seemingly useless thing still has the possibility for existence and even a way in life. However, with the progress of times, many things are constantly being put aside or even eliminated, whether kept in whole or in abstract, tangible or intangible function. We cannot define these things as "useless" because this is related to the emotional connection between each person's values ​​and the object. With this daily "neglecting", how should we "face" this?


"Useless" as a word can be defined to describe a field that is not used, to refer to the place, identity, or inner feelings that are not being used, but at the same time it can be used as an adverb to express a certain action or state. Just like the artist's creation is a combination of "uselessly" used adverbs, adjectives and a variety of gestures, expressions, ideas or behavior that lose function on the object or in the environment to use a whole new way to observe this "uselessness." The exhibition "Useless" does not emphasize the usefulness of useless things, but presents and discusses the present and future state (the state of existence) of these useless objects, exploring how these things exist being "viewed" in our way.


The exhibition invited artists Hoho Lin, Ying-ting Chen, and Jiuann-ru Gong, who use photography, objects, painting, respectively to present a different useless situation and produce a variety of dialogue with these forms, to provide the viewer with an unlimited space to think.