My Dear Lovers – Yi-Hsin Tzeng


| 2016/12/10 – 2017/1/8  

| Opening Reception: 2016.12.17(六) 15:00




事物的順序(或超人怎麼死掉的) 20x54cm  牛皮紙.素描 2016.jpg
The order of how superman died / Packing paper & Graphite on paper / 20x54cm / 2016


Since 2009, Yi-Hsin Tzeng has been creating a series of “defacing” artwork by smearing, covering, and removing the faces of her pieces. Inspired by American capitalism, she removed the faces of magazine models, altered the appearance of erotic actresses, painted faces of political figures or recreated portraits of entertainers, humorously trying to change the cultural symbols represented by these faces. The works of the series, which are extended by different identities, such as politics, gender, aesthetics and culture, are re-defined with the methods of deleting, destroying and re-creating, so as to redefine the image and popular aesthetics. "Defacing” triggered a wide range of thoughts, but this time, Yi-Hsin Tzeng uses her memory as an inspiration, using the relationships that had been close and important to her but ended abruptly, those that had been clear but blurred as time passed, recording and depicting these memories through paintings and objects.


From the interest of social values in the past turning to understand the depth of her life trajectory, Yi-Hsin Tzeng, from external to internal, recreates the images in her memory in the most pure way. In the exhibition "My Dear Lovers", the artist uses both plain and obscure language as the main basis of her creation, each piece with people lacking recognizable faces, who have each stopped in her life for a long or short period of time. She uses her memory to portray the days that have passed, displaying the relevant objects of the past, trying to present it as a once casual moment. At the same time, she also presents the contradiction between painting, memory, past and future; when the memories of the past are no longer real because the passage of time, is the time point of the event still consistent? When the artist uses different memories and objects from different periods of time, will the essence of this be the same? Yi-Hsin Tzeng, reproduces an unforgettable moment through painting, but with the passage of time the memory gradually fades. In a picture with covered face, how are people to define the time and reality of the painting? My Dear Lovers - Yi-Hsin Tzeng Solo Exhibition" will be exhibited at the Powen Gallery starting Saturday, 12/10, inviting viewers to enjoy the artist's life together.


Yi-Hsin Tzeng, was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1979. She received a master's degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in painting in 2010. In 2013, she was nominated for the finals for profound luxury brand Louis Vuitton’s Taipei Art Selection. In 2015, she received the first quarter nomination for her solo exhibition "Super Girl・Hyper Girl" at The 14th Annual Taishin Arts Award. Her artwork has been displayed in Australia, France, Switzerland and Taiwan, receiving numerous artist residencies and awards such as the New York Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, the Chicago Ox-Bow Art Village, Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan Watermill Center, Artist-in-Residence Taipei Stationed in New Zealand, Montmartre Art Village and Cloud Gate Dance 8th Annual Wanderers Project.