【Exhibition | 2016 LIANZHOU FOTO

Li-chung Lee "Space out"

Artist Li-Chung Lee will head over to LIANZHOUFOTO 2016 this weekend and participate in a group exhibition curated by Chao–Liang Shen.


LIANZHOUFOTO 2016 was established in 2005 and is considered the most professional photography art fair in China. Lee will display his "Space out" series, which he focuses on picking up of pieces of space in Taiwanese temples to build his narration of the bizarre and diverse combination of space planning of the invisible world in modernization.


Space out / Acid-free photo paper, Giclee print / 2013-  (ongoing)



Yet Another Gaze – A New Horizon for Contemporary Taiwanese Photography
--Curator | Chao – Liang Shen
--Duration | 2016/11/19 - 12/09

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