【Current Exhibition】

The last week of "A Stroll in Fantasy"


"A Stroll in Fantasy" - Solo Exhibition of Chung-chuan Cheng
Date | 2016.9.3-10.2
Venue | Powen Gallery, Moon Art Gallery



Last week solo exhibition of Chung-chuan Cheng, just spend some time in exploring her fabulous art journey last few days!


Chung-chuan Cheng with her artwork "Mist"


The sceneries in Chung-chuan Cheng’s paintings are not based on reality, but focuses on her life journey. The lower part will be a complicated life path, but the upper part more to the stable or calm emotions. Her theories are more related to psychology field, as through continuous learning process, we can be stronger as time passes, and this positive attitude will lead to a better future. Thus, the meaning of the paintings can be felt by everyone regardless of country borders or generations, and people will comprehend the in-depth significance behind these noble artworks.


夕汀 油彩畫布 30F 2004.jpg
Dusk / Oil on Canvas / 72.5x91cm / 2004


浪漫 油彩畫布 20F 2006.jpg
Romance / Oil on Canvas / 52x64cm / 2006