Lost in Dreamland: The poem of grilles on Sec. 4, Bade Road – Chien-yi Wu


Exhibit Duration: 18th June – 17th July, 2016

Opening Reception: 18th June (Sat) PM2-4

Artist Talk: 9th July (Sat) PM2-3


Walking through the alleys of Bade Road, seems to be entering an imagination world which does not belong to the city, the scenery of narrow roadway and the close gap between buildings, looks similar as a remote corner of the city which is being left behind, and they are there to vibrant up the busy cityscape in another style. Chien-yi Wu decided to build a story in such a fantasy-like streets with grilles, which is lesser in tall buildings, by using window views in the alleys to show the idea of "home" as the starting point of a story. Chien-yi Wu will use paper tape and collages them into graphic drawings and re-interpret the contradiction scene, she deconstructed landscape within the window, then the multi-level approach brings out the simplified color, which injected contemporary perspectives into the traditional "window grilles", adding another views in the form of collective memory to Taiwanese.


Chien-yi Wu, born in 1987 in Taichung, graduated from Institute of Plastic Arts at the Tainan University of the Arts, being awarded “2012 Xinbei City Young Artist Award”, “2015 Taiwan Young Talent First Prize” etc., and also being invited to participate in local and international exhibitions or art fairs.


Chien-yi Wu specializes in art collages and mixed mediums, her paper tape’s collection started from "5100 Mini Department Store" in 2011, which initiates her to explore on images, color and structure. From the artwork, she collages nearly hundred images of trademarks, using flat visual appearance to memorize the times, and combines the concept of online shopping, put the series of trademarks in shopping sites, thereby testing the modern shopping habits and capabilities of image recognition.


Recently, Chien-yi Wu expands her creation series of "Window Grilles". Traditional grilles have been one of the most vivid hometown memories for Taiwanese, unlike large number of standard stainless steel windows today, the patterns of window grilles are handmade from masters, the changing patterns or styles is the most compelling point. This unique memory on the old window grilles inspired Chien-yi Wu to re-interpret through own field observations, and to create regional window views to show her intimate relationship with exterior world through the grilles. Starting from the color which remaking visual symbols, and the distance of viewers from her artworks will make them encounter different creative languages, Chien-yi Wu uses this magic way of visual interpretation to interact with audience, also inducing the homesickness which belonged to Taiwanese.


吉祥里-閒置的時間1 複合媒材(壓克力板.和紙PE) 45x60cm 2016.jpg      吉祥里-閒置的時間2 複合媒材(壓克力板.和紙PE) 45x60cm 2016.jpg