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Cheng Chung-chuan

>> Twilight | 2021

>> Blaze of Glory | 2020

>> Traveling Lights | 2019

>> Unceasing Abundance | 2018

>> Little Streams Make Mighty Oceans | 2017

>> A Stroll in Fantasy | 2016

>> Treasure of the Universe-Initial Intent of Creation | 2015

>> Fortunate Sky, the Meditation with Kindness | 2014

Cheng Chung-Chuan, a female painter, was born in 1931. She is eighty-one years old now. After obtaining the B.F.A. at National Taiwan Normal University, she established the “Fifth Moon Group” together with some alumni artists. After getting married, she has been a foreign resident in Japan for more than half of the century. She occasionally comes back to her mother nation, Taiwan, only for joining the art exhibitions and creating art works.

In the art history of Taiwan, Cheng Chung-Chuan is an artist never unnoticed. Although she had resided abroad for many years and only a few younger generations of Taiwan familiar with the artist, those senior Taiwanese art masters have been impressed by her exceptional art talent in her late teens.

Grew up in the conservative times, Cheng was such a vivacious girl with modern ideas. Viewers, upon her artworks, would discover that her creations are always full of independent-minded and sincere feelings, from her girlhood to elderliness.

In the art market of Taiwan, there were few galleries after the World War II ended. Art collection was not current for Taiwanese citizens. Art creators did not intend to make profits from the pieces, so they simply work for their interest and passion. Thus, viewers were deeply touched even by the stand-still paintings. However, in modern times, the art market filled with huge numbers of creations for commercial purposes, seems to be deceptive and insincere.

Cheng Chung-Chuan, whose works involving strong feelings, plays a major role of the art history of Taiwan. She grew up in the society of a conservative atmosphere, and then moved to Japan for decades. Therefore, the artist comprehends how the Eastern women are always taught to be graceful as well as reserved. She believes that the only way to relax is to indulge in painting. Women can completely conveys feelings in paintings by applying different strokes and paints.

Her art style numbers between abstract and figural art, and it is obvious for viewers to feel cheerful or carefree from her bold and unconstrained paints.

Her works, not only bold but also sentimental, are like an absorbing story or a charming music.

We are glad to advise viewers to look at every piece for more than 10 seconds. There will be lots of wonderful inspirations coming from your mind.