Yu-chia Tseng

Yu-Chia Tseng (曾郁嘉, 1988-), a female young artist, was born in Taiwan. While majoring in the fine art program of the senior high school, she excelled at ink painting and mixed media creations. After completing the undergraduate study of the visual arts in 2011, the artist entered National Hsinchu University of Education for the M.A. program. She has already gained several significant art prizes as well as participated in the exhibitions held by the municipal galleries. In 2009, the series of her painting works “Puppet Notes” have been one of the collections at Union Culture Foundation in Taipei.

The latest series of the oil paintings by Yu-Chia Tseng is “Fairy Tale Wishes”. It is obvious for people to discover that the main character of the series is a wooden puppet without any facial expressions. The puppet represents a male or a female person living in the dreamy material world—as a candy house or casino district. The series of “Fairy Tale Wishes”, like theater performances, the artist depicts them as gorgeous scenes of luxury.

In human's life, everyone has varied wishes in different ages; however, some games and toys in the childhood could be the real aspects after being an adult. From modern commercials, beauty, wealth and romantic love are always the attractive slogans. People satisfy themselves by purchasing those trendy or luxurious goods just because of feeling afraid to be unfashionable ones. Although it is impossible that every dream would come true, people tend to enjoy his or her fairy tale in the mind. Yu-Chia Tseng expresses adults' wishes by displaying children's favorite goods. While pursuing the extravagance as playing the games of Monopoly, people are like “material-life puppets”, numb and without facial characteristics. The modern girls as Little Red-hoods never know the hungry wolf is her own greedy heart, and she will be hurt by the self-vanity. Besides, the dim background on the art works implies the un-known ending of the different stories. Living in the commercial-leading times, the artist would like to advise people to think and create individual values.