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Huang Poren


>> New & Classics | 2022

>> "The Dog’s Notes" Book Launch & New Works | 2021

>> The Dog's Notes | 2018



Sculpture artist Huang Poren is, without a doubt, a dog person. Since his grandfather's time, his family has always enjoyed the company and protection of man's best friends. At one time in his life Huang cared for more than 20 dogs and, as a devoted dog lover, he sometimes delivered his own puppies.

Huang's bronze series The Dog's Notes is a tribute to his canine family. Through his vivid personification of dogs, the sculptor depicts his favorite animal as an embodiment of sincerity, loyalty and enthusiasm, qualities often found lacking in people lost in a 21st century world of economic abundance.

Dogs, as human's closest partners since antiquity, are always faithful to their owners. No matter how a dog is treated, it will wholeheartedly protect its owners, eagerly greet them when they return, and dutifully stick to its post until the day it falls to sickness. By stark contrast, as modern people face various tests of morality, they become stressed, devious, or alienated from their family, some even breaking family ties over financial issues.

The Dog's Notes is Huang's response to this predicament of contemporary humanity. It is an artist's exploration of viewing dogs as a role model for, and inspiration to, their human companions.