Jiuann-ru Gong 

>> Uselessness - Group Exhibition | 2017

Painting Diary

Naked, solid sensory, like a lifeless living body, the space in the picture seems to be lost in the general.

Since having sense in this world, I remember drawing human bodies very often, and till this day, I think it is just a very direct idea, feeling, that is, having an interest in drawing, caring about and liking it! Although I have been drawing human bodies for some time, the type is completely different. Since 2011, the drawing is like a simple symbol of the human beings; the picture appearing to be real, but there is no life, just an empty feeling, like a puppet used to express my life instead.

Sleep is something I care about a lot. This series of drawings which name is the same, draws a small part of the feeling. During the first two years, I mainly drew the various feelings during sleep, whether before sleep, after sleep, or during. The contents of the drawing are actual feelings, then derived into a huge fantasy, illusion, and some are the thoughts of desire and missing. There are illusory feelings, or sentimental thoughts before sleep time which contain aspects of consciousness, shallow consciousness, and unconsciousness. Moreover, due to my personality, the drawing does not depict a good feeling, only in a few special cases, where a simple fantasy of me lying in the fish tank waterbed, meditating to relax their nerves, trying to get a good night's sleep.

The conversion of meaning in the picture is like the first light on the screen. It is dazzling, yet a painful distraction for sleepy eyes. After, the light becomes an expectation, another possibility of space.

Living, is everlasting, constantly changing, but also contradictory.  I want to draw a lot of feelings; those that I care about and think about. Using the simple symbol-like naked presentation, recording one by one, creation is continuing.