Ying-ting Chen

>> Uselessness - Group Exhibition | 2017


My creation process was mainly derived from daily life, seems like just a traveler within the time flow. During my journey, remarks are formed within different spaces, collections and records, art concepts are formed in the process of trying to explore and reflect. I try to extract from self-growth life experience on creation of primer for artwork, through the collection of objects in life, focus on the material thinking, flashback past memories, and own native feelings towards fiber material. During this long period of time in art making, I gradually accumulate and form an overall self, exploring inner-self, and also connect with external environment.

Living in modern life, there are many items still usable, but being discarded by us, also too many stereotypes within impression. Rust often appears in series, because obsess with the rusty form, thus becoming fiber material conversion. Besides, using my own way, partially preserve their initial conditions. As number of rusty objects becomes greater, they do not have a suitable container. Thus, is made in 2016, using fiber material to similarize with daily carton appearance. While is a series starting from the collection of wrapping papers or bags after usage, and use beeswax to wax them. This is because after waxing, the paper will be more durable, and continue as daily wrapping materials. group exhibition also including selling part, maybe you can make these artwork “Usable”?