Lee Li-Chung

>> Look Homeward, Angel | 2018

>> Longing for your Return | 2016

Lee Li-Chung, born in 1980 in Tainan Taiwan, graduated from Department of Information and Communication at Chinese Culture University in 2003. The work Her Paradise won the Special Jury Award of EPSON COLOR IMAGING CONTEST JAPAN in Tokyo Japan in 2006, the first solo exhibition LaMer at FOTOAURA Institute of Photography in Tainan Taiwan, and PHOTO TAIPEI Fair in 2011. The work LaMer won the Judges' Award of National Art Exhibition at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in 2012, and again next year won Judges' Award of KAOHSIUNG AWARDS, and participated in many group exhibitions and art fairs, works by collectors and gallery collections, etc., In 2015 won the award NEXT ART TAINAN and TAOYUAN CREATION AWARD with indicators of contemporary art awards. Had engaged in a magazine visual designer in Taipei, be now settled in Tainan life.

The work LaMer is transformed through the vocabulary of contemporary photography, try to reconstruct the emotion and sensibility of life on the faces of beautiful sea, want to explore the human condition after the emotional desire from the mother, and possibility of imagination. In recent years, focusing on imagine the universe, occultism and other methods combined with mass culture, were linked the ownership of Internet generation faces and fate, and thinking about these topic about postcolonial, (no) collective consciousness of the human condition after globalization.