Chien-Yi Wu

Born in 1987 in Taichung, Taiwan.



2009  B.A., Painting Section, Taipei National University of the Arts

2014  M.FA., Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts at the Tainan University of the Arts


Professional Experience

2015  Taishin Arts Award – Drags the Distance of Seeing and Being Seen Closer, participant artist

2015  Cover Design of Weeknight Magazine, Artist Talk- "Enjoying the Visual Arts by Paper Tapes through Your Eyes"

2015  Good Food of Tainan - Contemporary Installation Art of Seasonal Fruits, Invited Artist

2015  Kaohsiung has come, the role of cities creation

2014  Taiwan Creative Application CC Project, Movie Patching, Workshop Teacher

2014  Interesting Handcraft of the Confucian Temple, Workshop Teacher

2014  Taiwan Artist Fair, Workshop Teacher

2012  National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts - "Taiwan's Attendance - 2012 Taiwan Biennale", New Artistic Meeting Social Events, Creative Workshop

2011  Comments / reports:TAIPEI TIMES "Added Value"



2016  Selected for the "The 14th Taoyuan Creation Award"

2015  The Winning for the "The 2015 Taiwan Emerging Art Awards – the Series of 2D Art"

2015  Selected for the "The 13th Taoyuan Creation Award"

2014  Selected for the "2014 New Look Exhibition of Taiwan Fine Arts - the Series of 3D Art"

2012  The Winning for the "2012 Xinbei City Young Artist Award"

2011  Selected for the "2011 Taipei Fine Arts Award"

2011  Selected for "2011 New Look Exhibition of Taiwan Fine Arts - the Series of Plane Art"

2011  Selected for the "100 Nation-wide Fine Arts Exhibition - the Category of New Media Arts"

2010  Selected for the "2010 Kaohsiung Award - the Category of Mixed Media"



2016  "Mini Store O2O", Life Hub @ Jinqiao, China shanghai

2016  "Lost in Dreamland: The poem of grilles on Sec. 4, Bade Road", Powen Gallery, Taipei

2016  "Vision V.S Window: Solo Exhibition of Chien-yi Wu", Share Art Space, Kaohsiung

2015  "The poem of Window View - Qingshui", Taichung City Seaport Art Center, Taichung

2015  "Mini Icy and Fruit Punches Shop", Tainan Fun Center, Tainan

2015  "Residential Memory: Wen Meng-Yu and Wu Chien-Yi Duo Exhibition", Art Alley Café,Taipei

2015  "Keywords Searching: The Solo Exhibition", ACCTON GALLERY, Hsinchu

2014  "Have a Look x Paper Tape Actualite", Hoss Artspace, Taipei

2014  "Microscopic Department Store" - the Creativity Platform on Floor 10 Building A, Taichung

2013  "5100 Mini Store", the Xinyi Eslite Cafe, Taipei

2012  "The Young Artist Award of Xinbei City - Just New Special Exhibition", the Art and Culture Center of Xinbei City, Xinbei City

2012  "2012 Taiwan Biennale Exhibition of Fine Arts", National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan

2011  "2011 Taipei Award of Fine Arts", Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei




2016  "Poems on the Grille Pattern Windows", NTMoFA, Taichung, TW

2015  "The Taiwan Emerging Art Awards –The poem of Window View", Taichung City Seaport Art Center.

2015  "Private collection"

2014  "Icon Commodities", the Hoss Artspace.

2014  "Icon Commodities", the Chung Yo Department Store.

2013  "Icon Commodities", the Raphael Arts Center.

2012  "5100 Microscopic Documentary Project 2012811-916", the Culture Bureau of Xinbei City.

2012  "5100 Mini Department Store Shopping, Website Video -2012 Taiwan Biennale International Exchange", National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.