Huang Poren

(b. 1970)


2021  LOUD Collective Pop-up Art Exhibition, Galeries Lafayette Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2021  HUANG Poren: The Dog’s Notes, Solo exhibition at UCHIGO and SHIZIMI Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2021  UNMASKED #2, aquabitArt Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2021  Dual Exhibition, Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway

2020  Paper Reality – Exhibition at aquabitArt Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2020  The Dog’s Notes – Huang Poren Solo Exhibition, Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan

2020  The Dog's Notes - Huang Poren Solo Exhibition × Treasure Garden, Taichung, Taiwan

2019  Art Progressive – Exhibition at Complesso Monumentale Monastero di San Giovanni, Cava de Tirreni, Italy

2019  PAN Amsterdam 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2019  Fine Art & Antique Fair 2019, Baarn, Netherlands

2019  Art Breda 2019, Breda, Netherlands 

2019  Lausanne Art Fair 2019, Lausanne, Switzerland 

2019  Seitenweg/Sideway – Exhibition at JOH3 Gallery, Gallery Weekend Berlin 2019, Berlin, Germany

2019  Grand Opening – Exhibition at Belvedere Art Space, Beirut, Lebanon

2018  NORTH Kunstmesse, Aalborg, Denmark

2018  The Dog's Notes – Solo exhibition at Three Squares Studio, New York, US

2018  Poren Huang The Dog's Notes – Solo exhibition at Powen Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2018  The Dog's Notes – Solo exhibition at Taipei, Taichung and Tainan SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI, Taiwan

2017  Asia on my Minds – Group Exhibition at AquabitArt Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2017  KUNSTRAI ART 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2017  Art Breda 2017, Former Breda Museum, Breda, Netherlands 

2017  The Dog’s Notes – Group Exhibition at Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway

2017  Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, Rotterdam, Netherlands

2017  London Art Fair, Islington, UK

2017  FOR REAL | I amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2016  PAN Amsterdam 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2016  Solo exhibition at Powen Gallery, Taipei

2016  Selected Art Fair, Art Copenhagen 2016, Denmark

2016  KUNSTRAI ART 2016, Amsterdam, Netherland

2016  Art Wynwood 2016, Miami, Florida

2016  The Dog's Notes - Solo exhibition at aquabitArt gallery, Berlin

2015  The Dog's Notes - Solo exhibition at WAH Center, New York

2014  Solo exhibition at Powen Gallery, Taipei

2013  I'm Not Happy Now! collected by Ministry of Culture

2011  Art Beijing 2011

2011  Iron sculpture exhibition at National Museum of Natural Science

2010  Art Taipei 2010

2010  Art Beijing 2010

2010  China International Gallery Exposition (CIGE) 2010, Beijing

2009  Art Taipei 2009

2009  Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair 09, Seoul, Korea

2008  Solo exhibition at Ming Art Gallery in Beijing 798 Art Zone

2008  Shanghai Art Fair

2008  Wise Man collected by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

2008  Art Taipei 2008

2007  Art Taipei 2007

2006  Art Taipei 2006

2006  Happy Time collected by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

2005  Solo exhibition The Dog's Notes at Taichung County Cultural Center, Taichung, Taiwan

2003  Solo exhibition Iron Wood Forest at Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum, Miaoli, Taiwan

2003  Iron sculpture The Archer included in the high school art curriculum in Taiwan

2001  Graz International Sculpture Workshop Exhibition, Graz, Austria

1999  Art Taipei 1999

1999  First Prize and Mayor's Award at Central Taiwan Arts Exhibition, Taichung, Taiwan

1970  Born in Taichung, Taiwan