Upcoming Exhibition

The Dog's Notes - Poren Huang


Exhibit Duration | Dec 30, 2017 - Feb 11, 2018


How important are dogs to artist Poren Huang? In cooperation with SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI, "The Dog's Notes" 2018 exhibition not only aims to show the artist's obsession and concentration on the theme of "dog", but also the fascinating works that reflect the artist's mind and his observation of the society.




"The Dog's Notes" will be on view in Taipei, Taichung and Tainan SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI from January 5th. A synchronized exhibition is held at Powen Gallery as well, which will focus on dog spirit artworks in the upcoming Chinese dog year!



Poren Huang / Gimme a Hug / Bronze / 148x177x176cm / 2007


Poren Huang / BOOM! / Stainless steel, Baking Paint / 24x16x38cm / 2017


More exhibition infohttps://goo.gl/Ga4YYW