"Upcoming Exhibition"

Under Right Circumstances - Pei-xin Chuang


Opening | 11/11 (Sat) 15:30 

Venue | Powen Gallery ( No.11, Ln. 164, Songjiang Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan )



With the explosion of information in the age of the Internet, all kinds of messages are easily communicated swiftly and conveniently in the absence of borders and without time differences. In this massive torrent of information, whether it is text, images, or audio, for us members of the Internet generation, what method of discrimination should we use to build a personal reading experience? Or how should we position our personal values in a world where truth and lies overlap?


In recent years, Pei-xin Chuang’s works have focused on the transformation and extension between real and fictitious, and have attempted to explore the conceptual awareness of disassociation produced by the mutual interactions between contemporary society and the world of the Internet. In this solo exhibition, ‘Under Right Circumstances’, he brings together a large amount of unclassified Internet information, subjectively organizes the appearance of the messages, and invites viewers to feel the discomfort brought about by the collection of technology.


2_2 第二章, 錄像裝置, 1’55”, 2017.jpg

Chapter 2
Video Installation, 1’55”, 2017


10 傳遞的基礎, 複合媒材, 116x16x32cm, 2017.jpg

Transmission Basics
Digital print on acrylic, Ultra light clay, 116x16x32cm, 2017



Under Right Circumstances - Pei-xin Chuang