【Artist News】Chien-yi Wu: 2017 Jodori Khiang-Community Artfest

Venue | Taipei Artist Village and Jodori Area
Exhibition Dates | 2017.9.9(Sat.)-10.29(Sun.)


Jodori Khiang is a community-engaged project that aims at revitalizing the Jodori District in Taipei City through art. Facilitating cultural activities in everyday living spaces is a way in which social responsibility of the arts can be practiced.


Chien-yi Wu's artworks at khotel



Artist Chien-yi Wu (left) with her artwork


More exhibition info:

2017 Jodori Khiang-Community Artfest
Curatorial Statement | Lee I-Hua
Artists | YU Wen-Fu, CHEN Ching-Yao, CHEN Po-I, CHEN Fei-Hao, HO Ching-Chwang, TSAI Chieh-Hsin, WU Chien-Yi, Joseph TASNADI, Elena REDAELLI, Teppei YAMADA, Ado ra ble